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Japan Technolust

As the precedent entry shows, I’ve just spent a week in Tokyo. And as any good technophile, I was hoping to have reached heaven. Well folks, I was in for a very big disappointment. Another example of globalization rendering the world homogenous.

Japanese people love their gadgets and technology but I guess nowadays so do we. In Akibahara district as in Shinjuku, the stores are filled with all of the same stuff we can get anywhere in Europe. Even the prices, strong euro not withstanding, are pretty much the same. Only differences were mobile phones (different system but 2 megapixel camera phones) and subnotebooks. They have a huge and very cool selection of ultraportables but they don’t sell for export (no warranty, no english OS or keyboard etc…).

For those interested in seeing what I’m talking about and maybe even buying, check out for a good selection of top Japan tech that’s not easily available at home.

AvantGo and Mac OS X : it’s possible ;-)

One of the possibilities for getting mobile news that I used to enjoy on my Palm via my Mac was AvantGo and it’s large choice of channels. When Mac OS X arrived, AvantGo didn’t support it and so I stopped using it. RSS was for me the replacement but I ended up checking if it still wasn’t possible… Good news, it is. The solution is mal conduit. It works very well and is free. There is another possibility from (Missing Sync for AvantGo) but it’s complicated to configure and I didn’t get it to work (I imagine it’s possible though…). This product does however have added the added functionality of letting you access the Internet with your Palm via your Mac’s connection.

And now : an RSS reader.

After creating a feed, let’s find a good reader. I use Macs at home and a PC at the office. Since I’m home now, let’s talk Mac first.
When one does a “newbie” search for RSS readers for Mac OS X, the one that comes out is NetNewsWire fromRanchero Sofware .


It’s not a bad reader and it’s the first one I used but I ended up installing another one which I prefer : NewsMac 3 . I find the interface to be nicer (hard to say why though…) even though it doesn’t have all the features such as blog posting, wide view etc… that NetNewsWire has. If you’re a Palm or iPod user, you might appreciate the sync options that come with NewsMac.

At the end of the day, both are good choices and they’re both FREE 😉