Great Little Eco Video

Hereunder a really sweet eco video done by American artist Andyra Dorfman.  I’m always mightily impressed by this type of creativity melding old (drawing, painting, poetry and music) with new (youtube, video editing, photography).  This video is remarkably well done, poetic and very on-message.  Kudos !!!

Nausicaä, French National Sea Experience Centre

I took this impressive shark’s photo while standing little more than a 40 cm from him… behind a glass wall at one of the giant aquariums of Nausicaä, the French National Sea Experience Centre. It’s a very large complex made up of several interconnecting exhibits aimed at promoting awareness of the marine environment and focused on the relationship between man and the sea. With a mix of entertainment, science and spectacular displays, Nausicaägets it’s point across very well. They insist they’re not an aquarium (they’re much more…) but the aquariums themselves are of course the highlight and are the largest I’ve ever seen. Well worth the visit if you’re in the Pas-de-Calais.