The October Hole

I haven’t posted a single article in October. I’m not proud of it. It’s a fact. It bothers me.

Let me say why… Blogging is a bit like keeping a diary except you know you have readers so you try to keep it interesting (and not too personal 😉 ). Regularity and diversity of subject make for interesting blogs even though some kind of continuity needs to be there to attract a core readership. A great example remains Give me spirit fingers who continues to maintain a high level of content, great regularity and great humor. By doing this, the author has made a loyal reader out of me and I read almost every post. There are others who react in the same way and thus is born a community of interest.

Allright, enough… Suffice it to say, dear Reader, that I have been very busy in October (Paris Fashion week). That I lost the hang of blogging. That I regret it. And that I’m back 🙂

The Best Smartphone Today

P910i.jpgAfter years of walking around with a phone, a palm PDA (and a camera), I’ve bought an all-in-one smartphone: the Sony Ericsson P910i. There are tons of good reviews out there so I’m not going to write another one. I will just give you, after two weeks of usage, my first impressions in a pro and con list:


1) It’s first and foremost a great phone (great sound, reception and autonomy)
2) Beautiful and clear screen
3) Very complete software delivered with it.
4) Syncs easily with PC and Mac !
5) The little keyboard is in fact really functional.
6) It really does replace the PDA of which it has all the functionality except WiFi.


1) It’s not that light (155 g).
2) It’s sort of bulky.
3) It feels fragile (I’m told it’s not but…)
4) The processor feels a lot slower than my Palm T3
5) The interface is a little less intuitive than Palm OS (you do need the manual…)
6) The camera is a joke

Conclusion : Do I regret the purchase ? No. It really does replace two items in favor of the one I never leave at home. Am I really excited about this product ? No. The software is just quirky enough to aggravate me. An iPod is a much better designed gadget. But for right now, after my own little market research, I do thinks it’s the best smartphone available on the market. There is however still room for improvement.

4 more years…

I don’t know what to say… I am beyond disappointed. So I’ll just change the subject and repeat a joke I heard this morning on French radio :

” A man is someone who one day came out of woman and spends all his life trying to get back into one. ”

I know, it’s pathetic… But anything is better then listening to the news.