Notebook for Macintosh

Talk about a cool piece of software : Notebook from Circus Ponies Software is … exactly what the name suggests : a perfect notebook. It is the ideal repository for all that information that we get in this digital age of ours. MP3s, movies, web clippings, emails, scanned articles, PDFs are all everyday fare and I have longed for a solution where I could somehow store them in a way that makes sense but that also gives the possibility to retrieve, sort, classify them in a familiar way. We have all kept various forms of journals, agendas, notebooks, scrapbooks in our life. We know how to use them. They are familiar. This application takes that well known tool and applies it to the digital lifestyle. It does so exceedingly well !!! Check it out 😉


goudji.jpgAn exhibit is taking place in Paris now (ending beginning of January) at the famous Gallerie Claude Bernard of the work of Goudji. Goudji is a Georgian who has been living in Paris for a long time and I consider him to be the finest gold-and-silversmith alive. Building upon millenia of tradition, he literally sculpts timeless masterpieces that, though immediately identifiable as his work, still feel vaguely familiar. One can feel Celtic, Etruscan, Scythian, Egyptian influences in these magical pieces that feel like they have been built upon the bedrock of civilisation. The poetry but also the uniqueness of these one-of-a-kind pieces throw back to a tradition of gold and silver work that I didn’t believe still existed. The Art of Goudji captures through it’s beauty, rarity, craftmanship something of the true spirit of luxury in the way homonym Gucci never can. A must see if you’re in Paris !!!