The amazing Brompton folding bike

I’m starting a series of posts in a cycling subcategory entitled “Brompton Adventures” about a bike I recently bought : my amazing Brompton folding bike (and details will follow about the specific bike I bought).  I absolutely love this quintessentially british slightly eccentric bike.  As an introduction see below the video of the inventor of the bike, Andrew Ritchie, demonstrate how the bike folds and unfolds.  It really is as simple as shown in the video.

Third change of platform

In August 2004, I moved to Movable Type (see Change of platform…).  It was a good publishing tool and a huge step up from the type of programs I was using before.  Things have moved along though (six years in Internet time is like an era) and I’m now switching to WordPress.  It’s free.  It’s much easier to maintain for a non-techie and on the publishing side is much more complete and easier to use.  It also has an iPad and iPhone app to create articles.  From what I have read, it also seems to be the most popular platform nowadays for blogging.  Here’s to hoping that this great new tool will encourage me to write a bit more regularly…