ipod-dance-blue.gifI’m just back from New York (it was Fashion Week…). But the biggest fashion phenomenon going on was without a doubt the iPod. Everywhere I looked there were the white earbuds. At the Apple Store in Soho, I saw them blow out of 100 iPod Shuffles in less than an hour (the 1 Gb version, they didn’t have the 512 Mb one in stock). The iPod ads were everywhere. No wonder they’ve sold more than 4.500.000 of them in the last quarter. It was all really quite cool. There’s a vibe surrounding this thing that’s plain fun. And it truly feels like run(a)way success for Apple !!!

Here are some links on the net to be part of the iPod tribe :

The iPod Shuffle ad from Apple (the song is great…)
Here you can iPod your photo 😉
If you want to do it yourself, here’s a good tutorial for Photoshop users…