Nikon D70 is Awesome !!!

D70.jpgI bought a Nikon D70 in Tokyo and (compared to Europe) at a good price: 1150 € for the camera, a Nikon G 28-80 zoom, a Nikon G 75-300 zoom, 256 Mb Compact Flash card and a tripod. I have started using this camera and I have to say it’s simply awesome. A true digital SLR… It’s fast, it has instant on, the battery lasts forever and of course and most importantly the pictures are great. It’s one of those instances where you take the thing out of the box, start using it, and for a brief moment, feel like a pro 😉

For those of you out there who want all the tech details check out this great review .

A few more points, don’t buy the camera like I did, but get the Nikon Kit camera + Nikon DX AF-S 18-70mm ED lens. This lens is much better than the G series lenses and you get about 50% discount on the lens if you buy it with the camera. I ended up buying it separate which lost me the benefit of my Tokyo price. Last, if you do travel around, the cheapest place to get this camera that I’ve seen is Singapore (995 € for camera + good lens + 256 Mb Card).