New section and Spirit Fingers

Today I decided to add a section in my menubar with links to blogs I really like. Nothing special about this but I would like to take some time here to comment on the first blog I decided to put in this section : Give me spirit fingers dammit !

One thing I haven’t mentioned until now is that I work in the fashion industry. I don’t have a fashion section on this blog (though who knows, one day….) because by the time I get home I’m usually all fashioned out and prefer devoting my attention to other subjects. Yesterday while looking at the new blogs section on blogcatalog, I saw a new listing Give me spirit fingers dammit ! in a new category : society – trends. I decided to take a look and …. I loved what I saw. Here is a funny blog on trends and fashion seen from the Hong Kong point of view. Anyone who works for a french fashion company knows that asians are very fashion conscious and in cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore, they are very sophisticated though they tend to take it all a little seriously. This site is incredibly refreshing taking it all with a grain of salt and sometimes a quite wicked sense of humor (whilst showing a very high level of fashion/trend awareness). I really had a lot of fun reading the posts and I look forward to reading more. Really a highly recommended blog !