2009 Marin Point Reyes

This is the bike that I purchased (after having read some great reviews about it) in London (where I live) as part of the government sponsored Cycle2work scheme.  It comes in at a magical 999 £ which is just under the 1000 £ limit of the scheme.  It’s a very pretty stealthy black bike (maybe a little too pretty and not stealthy enough considering the amount of bikes that are stolen in London) and it’s probably over equipped with regards to needs of cyclists here.  That being said, it rides nicely.  It’s light. It has a good set of brakes.  It’s strong and quite confortable while still being a fast bike.  The Continental Sport Contact tires are great and help deal with the uneven nature of London’s roads perfectly.  They also open up possibilities along the canals and bridle-ways as they are very robust.  The riser handlebars are too wide for traffic (but would be perfect on my Skin 1) and the saddle is nothing to write home about.   In a way, it’s maybe just a little too much bling for a true urban bike and will probably be higher maintenance (disc brakes, transmission) than more suitable and more discreet urban alternatives.  Also, the fact of being nervous of leaving it on the street (locked up of course) somewhat defeats the purpose of having an urban bike.  Other than that, it’s a really fine bicycle.