The October Hole

I haven’t posted a single article in October. I’m not proud of it. It’s a fact. It bothers me.

Let me say why… Blogging is a bit like keeping a diary except you know you have readers so you try to keep it interesting (and not too personal 😉 ). Regularity and diversity of subject make for interesting blogs even though some kind of continuity needs to be there to attract a core readership. A great example remains Give me spirit fingers who continues to maintain a high level of content, great regularity and great humor. By doing this, the author has made a loyal reader out of me and I read almost every post. There are others who react in the same way and thus is born a community of interest.

Allright, enough… Suffice it to say, dear Reader, that I have been very busy in October (Paris Fashion week). That I lost the hang of blogging. That I regret it. And that I’m back 🙂